Beautiful? and Versatile.
The Gala is an indoor-only lighting balloon that can either be flown using helium or air-inflated and suspended. It offers quick setup times and large amounts of functional light in a relatively small package. These lights can stand out with temporary vinyl or digital print branding, or blend in to become part of the venue.

Available in either 5.25? or 6.5? diameters and up to 2000w total output (depending on voltage supply) using halogen lamps. Ask your representative to help you figure out which setup will best fit your application.

Helium-inflated balloon
Can also be air-inflated and suspended
Indoor use only
Dimmable light (halogen)
Vinyl graphics
Colored or printed slip covers (only for Gala 200)
Technical data
GALA BY AIRSTAR Gala 160 Gala 200
Diameter 5’3″ (160 cm) 6’6″ (200 cm)
Helium volume 78 ft3 (2.20 m3) 148 ft3 (4.20 m3)
Average setup time 15 minutes 20 minutes
Type of lamps Halogen Halogen
Supply voltage 120v 120v
Number and power of lamps 4* 400W 4* 400W
Number of power plugs 1 1
Helium or Air Inflated
Perfect for Branding
Color covers available for Gala 200
Decor or Functional Light
Float or Suspend from above