15?30 Complete Quick Peak Style frame tent. This tent uses cross cable to support the center poles. The center poles push the tent up and thus keep the top tight.

? Certified Fire Retardant with Industrial Grade Sun Blockout Fabric
? Can be permitted for commercial multi-day use (not pop-up)
? Better wind loads
? Stylish looks
? Setup faster than traditional standard tent
? Secure with base plate on feet or standard stakes and ropes

Standard Quick Peak Tent include:
? Blackout 15 oz. Fabric
? 2? Frame,
? base plates, tie-down rope, white flag,

Packing List:

? Frames:
7- 14?-4? D-Tube Aluminum Spreader
6- 7?-8? D-Tube Aluminum Legs
2- set of cross cable (2 per set)
2- Mast set (3 pcs)
4 ? Quick Peak Corners
2 ? Quick Peak Tee Joint
6- Quick Peak Base Plates

? Tops:
1 ? Tent top
6- Ratchet ropes (for stretching top to frame)

? Accessories available include: Additional tie-down ropes, stakes, raingutters, sidewalls, and more. Additional tie-downs are needed for securing tent for stability.

? We also carry color tops for this tent including red, white, blue, green, yellow, or a combination. Color tops can also have horizontal or vertical stripes. Extra charges apply.

We carry more than 500 accessories to customize this tent. Please call us for accessories, options and details.

Part: QP15X30
Shipping Weight: 430lbs