List of Carnival Games

Football Toss
A carnival favorite. The player tosses footballs through a game board with holes in the target board.

This bowling lane uses smaller, light-weight balls, but it still takes skill! Each player gets three or four balls to tip over all six bowling pins. Younger players get additional rolls.

Mini Golf
A golf game for all ages. The player putts a golf ball down a green to one or more raised holes. Children get several tries. We have 10 different variations.

Sand Art
A favorite for all ages. Have your child design their own sand art masterpiece. Many brilliant colors to choose from including neon pink, green, orange, and black.

Air Brush Tattoo Station
Extremely popular. Kids will line up to get their favorite designs put on their bodies. A big hit for kids of all ages.

Spin Art
By dropping paint from a tube onto the spinning surface of a paper canvas, a wonderful spiral of colors appears. One of our most popular midway art stations.

Shooting Gallery
You’ll shoot your eye out kid! A much safer version of a bee-bee gun. Kids shoot cork rifles at stationary targets with three chances to win a big prize.

Ring a Bottle
A traditional favorite! Adults and children get three tries to ring a bottle. Three prize levels can be used depending on where the rings land. A sure hit at your carnival!

High Striker
Step right up and test your strength. Three tries to send the ringer up towards the bell. Prizes awarded based on how high the ringer goes.

Ping! Ping! Drop the puck from the top of the board down to the numbers or prizes below. A game that is pure luck is also fun and unpredictable.

Crazy Ball
The object of the game is to pick your color, throw the crazy ball into the multicolored table and hope that your toss lands on your color. Three chances to get the correct color.

Tin Can Alley/Milk Bottle Toss
Two tossing games in one. Players are given three softballs to try and knock down a pyramid of cans and bottles. A fun and exciting game for all ages.

Ping Pong Fish Bowls
Throw ping pong balls at the fish bowls to win a prize. Three ping pong balls are given to each player, one in the bowl wins 1st prize. No real fish are used in the making of this game!

Wacky Wire
A game of skill and concentration. Players try to send a ring up the constantly moving wire. Did I say you can’t touch the wire? It may take a few tries before you get it just right.

Hoop Toss
A hula hoop is thrown at a plush animal or toy. These can be themed for any event. Hoop the toy and win the prize.

Frog Bog
A take-off of our popular Flip-a-Chic game. Rubber frogs are catapulted onto lily pads in our water bog for prizes.

Gone Fishing
Children lower their poles behind our fake pond. With a couple of tugs from our staff, the children think they’ve caught a fish (prize).

Clown Toss
Laugh clown laugh! Three bean bags are thrown thru this clown’s mouth. Chances are good that you can win a great prize here.

Baby High Striker
A small version of our Adult High Striker. Ring the bell wins a first prize. Surprisingly popular with the 4 to 5-year-olds and even younger.

Duck Pong
Quack! A number one favorite for the little ones. Each child picks up a duck and checks the number on the bottom to see which prize they won. A sure hit for the little ones!

Digital Inflatable Basketball
Larry Bird never had this much fun! Players compete to achieve highest score within 30 seconds. Inflatable backboard support with two 15” diameter rims and digital display for game time and score. Player with the most points wins.

Speed Pitch
How fast can you throw a ball? Players throw the ball at the strike zone. Each pitch’s speed is checked on radar and displayed. The player gets another try to guess his speed on the next throw. If the player comes within a certain MPH a first prize in won. Everyone is a winner.

Golf Chipping Challenge
Do you have what it takes to land on the green? Chip your Velcro covered ball within 3” of the red Velcro hole for a first-place prize. Land on the green for a second-place prize. A surprisingly addictive game.

More than 55’ of inflatable fun that’s a huge hit with the little kids. This colorful giant caterpillar feature lots of travel through adventure including a large slide, giant teeth buffers, baffles, and more. Watch the kids line up for this exciting attraction.

Bouncy Boxing
Two contestants square off wearing huge, oversized foam filled gloves and head gear. They enter into an inflatable Star-Walk ring which has a deep bouncy floor.

Giant Inflatable Slide
This is a wonderful slide due to its sheer size. This slide is 30’ tall making it the largest of the giant slides. High output and one of our popular inflatable games.

Bungee Run
A safe and hilarious alternative to bungee jumping. Guests will feel like Wile E Coyote, attached to a bungee cord, running as fast as possible before…Boing! The over-sided rubber bands snap them backwards on the inflatable cushioned runway.

Face Painting
Our clowns have years of face painting experience. Most designs can be flowers, unicorns, and snakes on the children’s arms. Please ask our sales staff about packages.

Candle Art
Similar to our sand art, only beads of brightly colored wax are used to design your very own artistic candles. Many colors to choose from including neon green, neon orange, red, and many more.

6 Ball Roll-Down
Two of our most popular games because anyone can play and win. The player rolls three or six balls down into numbered slots. Add up the results to determine win. Winning can be adjusted from easy to difficult.

Stand the Bottle
A challenging game! The bottle lies on its side on a wood base. With a ring dangling from a pole, the player rings the neck of the bottle and tries to stand it up without knowing it off the wood. Two may play at once.

Bank a Shot
A player throws a whiffle ball at a basketball goal or stop sign. The object of the game is to bank the ball off the back drop and land it in the basket.

Queppe Dolls
Throw a softball at a queppe doll as hard as you can to knock them. It’s not easy, but several chances are given. A great tossing game.