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DJ FAQ2020-04-10T04:24:42+00:00
Will the DJ Play requests?2020-04-10T02:50:26+00:00

Our DJs do take requests and may play some of them. Our DJs “filter” requests, meaning they will not play a song that you specifically asked the DJ not to play or music from a genre you asked the DJ not to play. We will not play songs off of Youtube when asked. If someone makes a request that fits in well with what the DJ is playing at the time and with the music the client wants, then the DJ may play the request. We have an online planning system that will allow you to make request lists before the event.

When should I book My DJ?2020-04-10T02:52:47+00:00

A good time frame is at least six months before the event. However, we have DJs available for last minute events as well. Click here to check date availability.

Whats your backup plan if something happens to my DJ?2020-04-10T02:49:55+00:00

We always retain one DJ per weekend in each location as a backup in the event of an emergency.

What services do you offer?2020-04-10T02:54:11+00:00

We offer DJ services for wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, private parties, and school functions. We offer lighting options (uplighting and dance floor lighting) and have photo booths available. We also offer 250,000+ party & event rentals as well.

What equipment do you use?2020-04-10T02:49:25+00:00

We only use state-of-the-art professional DJ equipment that minimizes wires and doesn’t look bulky.

What are your payment terms?2020-04-10T02:51:47+00:00

The deposit is required at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the event date. Payments can be made through our online planning system using a debit or credit card or PayPal account. Click here to contact us for more information on pricing.

Should we feed the DJ?2020-04-10T02:53:18+00:00

This is not required in our contract and is completely up to you. Typically, the catering director or event coordinator will set aside a meal or boxed dinner for the DJ if requested by the client.

How many songs should I request?2020-04-10T02:54:45+00:00

You can select songs that you would like to hear at your event (as well as songs you don’t want to hear) through our online planning system. You will receive login information for that system in an email with your contract. The number of songs you request is totally up to you! We recommend giving your DJ at least 10-15 songs of different genres and artists that you would like to hear. A few songs/artists that you don’t want to hear is always helpful as well. If you end up requesting a lot of songs, just keep in mind the time constraints of your event. During your initial consultation, your DJ will ask about your music preferences.

How long have Munro DJ’s Been DJing?2020-04-09T23:29:26+00:00

All of the DJs who work for Event Pro DJ’s Company have a minimum of 5 years professional DJing experience, with most of our DJs having 10 or more years of professional DJing experience.

Do you have samples of you DJ’s Work?2020-12-02T06:24:30+00:00

We have a company Mixcloud page where some of our DJs post original mixes. We do not post any of our wedding or event mixes as each event we do is unique to that client.

Do I tip the DJ?2020-04-10T02:52:19+00:00

We do not include gratuity in the final contract price. 10 – 20% is generally recommended if your DJ did a great job, but it is entirely up to you.

Can we bring our own music for the DJ to play?2020-04-10T02:50:55+00:00

Sure, but we would like to get the music file(s) in advance of the event. If doing this please consider the audience attending your event.

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