Costumed Characters FAQ

What do I do if I have a special activity I want the character to do?

  • Tell us and we will make sure to tell you the party performers
  • Tell your performers when they arrive so they can adjust to accommodate your request

What if we are just having too much fun and we need more time?

  • We are happy to stay over and you will just be charged according to the schedule of pricing provided
  • If another show is scheduled following you we will have to make sure we leave in time to travel to them but we usually leave 1 hour after each event just in case

What happens if the kids are scared?

  • As a rule, we get a couple of scared kids from time to time.  This is one of the main reasons there is a hostess. They try to avoid the real screamers and make it better for them by making sure your character is at all times away from them.
  • If they are tentative the host serves as a bridge and will encourage them to shake hands or hug
  • One of the best preventatives for this is to have an older kid/ adult at the party be excited and hug the character when they get there.  This sets an example for everyone else at the party – greeted warmly everyone happy – greeted with a scream – sometimes contagious. We of course hope this never happens… but we have to be practical.

What type of people comes to my house?

  • Most of our employees have been with us for 1 – 7 years.  They go through training by us to perform and they also have to meet minimum skill requirements.  Those that come to us are generally 17 – 24 and have usually been referred to us by a family member, friend – sometimes even clients.

What do I need to do to prepare for my event?

  • Make a reservation (you can do this by calling 1-800-488-3084 or filling out the online form).
  • Send us back your signed confirmation letter and deposit before your event.
  • Make sure if you are hard to find we have detailed directions & a phone number that you will answer the day of the event – give us 5 phone numbers if you need to!  The worst thing to have to happen is to be lost and looking for a house and not get an answer and then have to feel the pressure of running late.
  • Make sure we have the room name or number if we are going to a hall
  • We endeavor to bring most everything we need – BUT –
    • We will ask for a plug and a chair/table to set the CD player on.  If you have one accessible and ready to use in the room you’ll have us in then we’ll just pop in our CD.
    • We will ask sometimes for a changing area
    • We will ask sometimes for napkins and water when face painting

Can we do anything to make things easier for you?

  • We like to have easy parking and it’s great if you leave us a spot in the driveway (please let us know if this is available to us)
  • If you live in the City of Chicago a designated parking spot is a must
  • Making sure to fill out the name tags or send us the names in advance
  • The performers always appreciate a bottle of water to go on hot days
  • Have your cake ready for an easy transition from activities to cake including having candles and a lighter handy
  • Tell us if WE can do anything to make it easier for YOU
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