Continental Breakfast



(BR3) Assortment of muffins, danish, and bagels with choice of apple and orange juice (individual 6oz). Coffee or tea service included. $7.35


(BR4) Juice, Pastry, fruit and coffee, Apple and orange juice (Individual 6oz.) assortment of muffins, danish, fruit medley, coffee. $9.10

Hot Breakfast

(BR27) Scrambled eggs, ham steak or sausage links (3) or bacon strips (3) served with country potatoes, and biscuits. $7.70

(BR43) Quiche Lorraine served with fresh fruit medley. $8.40

(BR44) French toast with ham or sausage links (3ea.) or bacon 3ea.) $8.75

(BR28) Omelet, ham or sausage (3) or bacon (3) served with country potatoes, biscuit with butter and jelly. $9.10

Individual Selections

(BR41) Seasonal Fresh Fruit Medley $3.85

(BR42) Breakfast Sandwich (egg & sausage on an English muffin) $3.50

(BR40) Breakfast Burrito $4.90

(10″ tortilla stuffed with eggs, onions, potatoes and cheese with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage.)

(BR47) Raspberry Parfait $5.53

(BR46) Blackberry Parfait $5.53

(BR45) Peach Parfait $5.53

(BR48) Yogurt (6 oz.) $3.43

Fresh From The Bakery

(BA5) Biscuits $2.10

(BA7) Cookies $2.80

(BA1) Muffin $3.85

(BA2) Danishes $3.85

(BA3) English Muffins with jelly $2.45

(BA6) Scones $3.85

(BA8) Cake (assorted flavors) $3.85

(BA4) Croissant with butter and jelly $3.85

(BA9) Assorted bagel with cream cheese $3.85

To order catering please visit or call: (866) 695-0069

Prices subject to change

All prices subject to applicable sales tax

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